Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy is an age old treat. Introduced at the World Fair in St. Louis in the year 1904, Cotton Candy sold in small boxes for $0.25 each; about $6.50 in today's dollars! A fun novelty for all ages.

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The Cotton Candy Machine rental is $175 and includes the following:

  • Large, Commercial Cotton Candy Machine
  • Cotton Candy Cones/Supplies for up to 400 guests
  • 3 Convenient Cone Holders
  • Up to 3 different cotton candy flavors.
  • Detailed operating instructions
Available Flavors:
Blue Raspberry


Pina Colada
Green Apple
Cherry Red
Pink Vanilla
Bubble Gum
Lemon Yellow
Cotton Candy

Our cotton candy machine is a top of the line commercial machine which can produce 3 to 4 cones of cotton candy every minute! It is very simple to use and makes wonderful cotton candy every time. We offer the following flavor options. (You may choose up to three.)