Video Slideshow

Picture Slideshows or Montages are popular at weddings and are a great way to let your guests get to know you better. The slideshow traditionally shows pictures of the bride and groom growing up as well as pictures of them during their courtship and engagement. These slideshows are also great for anniversaries, birthdays, or holidays.

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130 images


Extra images are just $1 per image.

Your montage will come with three DVD copies. Extra DVDs are just $5 each. You will also receive a CD containing all digtized and basic enhanced photos.


Every 50 pictures takes about 5 minutes, so a slideshow with 130 pictures would be approximately 15 minutes long. For a 15 minute slideshow, you will need to provide the names of songs (and artists who perform them) that are long enough to take up 15 minutes.


When you provide the images, they can be either regular photos (which we will scan) or digital photos. You will need to put the photos in the order that you want them. The easiest way to do this is to put a sticky note on the back of the regular photos with the position number of the photo (or write on them with a permenant marker). With digital photos, rename the file names to the position number of where you want the photo and then burn the images to a CD. Titles may be added to your slideshow upon request. (No additional charge.)

If you have any questions, please call us or send us a message from the contact page.